Online Workshop Varroa treatment (ENGLISH)

Artikelnummer: E-WR-007

For Australian beekeepers that want to know more about varroa

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Webinar on Sunday 21st of August 2022 starting at 4 o'clock pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on treatment of varroa and how to live with varroa. Bernhard Heuvel, vice president of the European Professional Beekeepers Association shows how to handle varroa. He has experience with all standard and non-standard varroa treatments as well as non-treatment.

Bernhard's deep understanding of the bees will help to cope with the new situation in Australia. Bernhard has been living in Australia as well, so he knows the Australian landscapes, climate and people. 

Varroa strategies for commercial beekeepers - what can we learn from German beekeepers with 40 years of varroa experience. Presented by  Bernhard Heuvel.

Target readers:  Commercial beekeepers, also suitable for all levels of beekeepers.

PLEASE SELECT GERMANY as country in the order process. 

There is an open end discussion after the workshop, so all questions will be answered. 

The number of participants is limited due to technical reasons. Please book early.

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